Wednesday, 25 April 2012

It's Over....

..Salute is over. This makes me very unhappy and do you know why? Why is because it was AMAZING! More than I ever thought it could be and the funny thing is......I'm not sure why it was so good.

Maybe it was all the amazing displays, maybe it was the opportunity to meet the creators of the games I love so much, maybe it was because for once I didn't have to think twice about blowing £400 on toy soldiers in a matter of hours (hell, that part's almost mandatory!). Whatever it was, it was a magical experience. Disney World can ram it. For those of you who are even reasonably interested, here's what I bought at Salute:

- INFINITY! Getting back into some hardcore ARO action with those lovely mutated deviants from Bakunin, courtesy of Simple Miniatures (buy 3 get one free offer) and Mr Andy B. Bakunin Starter, Morlock box set (good god they're sexual), Cassandra Kusinagi, Rev. Custodier, a Prowler and a Sin Eater w/HMG for Burst 4 ARO shenanigans.... heh heh heh.........

- PULP CITY! One of my main plans for Salute was to stock up on Polish superhero goodness and I did go a bit mad fer it! Dr Red & Howler box, Doom Train & Night Fright box, Green Serpent & Ninjas box, Tanuki & Shadow Mask box and finally................ a monster! RARR! Got the monster for £35 quid due to a 'miscast' (one half of a toe is missing, I can deal with that!) Soon Cthulhu will be smashing puny Giant Hadron into atoms!

This is the monster kit, it is very large. (about 7" tall)

- EDEN! I was only planning on getting a few things from Taban, until I saw these guys were available.........

............ and by golly if I didn't just geek-gasm right there on the spot! (no pics of the mini's unfortunately). So after an impromptu pants change I wiped myself off and went ahead and bought each box for these guys (which include assorted gribblies, which I wanted to get at some point anyway) as well as the stuff I intended to buy and threw in a dominant lycal and some bases while I was at it! Another £100 down, totally worth it.

Next to Taban was an unassuming little stand, with one guy sitting quietly behind it. Not much to see really, until I glimpsed their display case and instantly fell in love with Ammon Miniatures check them out. DO IT NAOW! I'll wait...........

........ ain't they cool :D I got the Cyber Monkey with the intention of using him as an ARC (Ape Revolution Commitee) minion for Pulp City. I also bought the wee scientist big-head guy because he was cool. - £16.

BUSHIDO! - Sadly, GCT didn't have any advance stuff on sale but I did get the last two waves for Savage Wave and Cult (minus the Oni Slaver because, frankly, I can't be dicked painting another one) - £30

MERCS! - I wanted to get a new game at Salute, and since a few buddies of mine already have Mercs stuff it seemed like the obvious choice. USCR box and the (lovely) rulebook - £70

That's about it aside from quite a lot of resin bases from various companies. Looking at it all now, it really doesn't look like £400 worth but hey......... who gives  fuck! TOYS! HUNNERS OF TOYS!!!!!!!

I'll be back to Salute next year for sure, but this time I'll make sure to bring some money so I'm not limited to my maximum withdrawal! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, in other news....... I broke my oath (see previous posts). I broke it within a week of Salute. The worst part.......... I broke it buying Games Workshop products! THE SHAME! THE HUMANITY! THE UTTER BALLS THAT IS 'FINECAST'! I am quite deeply remorseful about this, so I won't go on any longer.

There was other stuff at Salute, but I completely neglected to photograph any of it. Andy did though so pop on over to his blog here for pics the 10mm rapid-prototyped resin load-inducing sexuality that is Dropzone Commander!

I'm bored now and need to go stick dinner on, so I'm going. BYE!


  1. What the fuck is this shit?!

    A well written, carefully conceived article with a legitemate literary flow?

    Where's the ironic agony column you spurious fraud???


  2. There's nothing ironic about my agony column.

  3. Nice Pulp City haul.
    £35 for a Monster? You lukcy ****££$£%£%£££%£££*£**